Built on top of a powerful natural speech engine, Artiquill comes packed with 15 powerful writing and grammar proofreading tools designed to refine and improve your writing and editing.

Activate one or more of the following proofreading modules from the "Options" toolbox panel, and view the feedback from the "Proofreading" toolbox panel. *Please note that activating too many modules at once may slow down the proofreading speed.

Passive Voice

Checks for use of passive voice.

Indefinite Articles

Checks for incorrect use of indefinite articles.

Repeated Words

Checks for repeated words.


Checks for missing/incorrect use of contractions.

Diacritical Words

Checks for missing diacritics.

Sentence Spacing

Checks for multiple spaces between sentences.

Word Overuse

Checks for word overuse.

Fillers, Weasels & Hedges

Checks for fillers, weasels, and hedges.


Offers language simplification suggestions.

Redundant Acronyms

Checks for redundant acronyms.


Checks for use of cliches.


Checks for use of profanity.


Checks for potentially insensitive language.


Checks for hard to read sentences and paragraphs that should be simplified.


Checks for incorrect spelling and suggests corrections.

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