Added readability proofreading tool (catches hard-to-read sentences).
No longer unloads documentation and other overlays on close.
Fixed keyboard shortcut typing bug inserting part of shortcut into editor.
Added background music/video player
Added splash screen for platforms without native support.
Added keyboard shortcuts (see documentation).
Added help button that opens documentation in-app.
Added indication of lack of proofreading problems.
Status bar now correctly styled to match night mode theme when enabled.
Fixed bug preventing file exporting on Android.
Fixed bug duplicating/doubling file content each time the file was read.
Night mode no longer set on by default on fresh install
Added backward compatibility for reading the old Artiquill file format.
Further optimized & increased proofreading performance.
Reorganized the proofreading layout for easier navigation between types of results.
Added spelling proofreading module.
Mac OS version now uses native dialogs for file export.
Dramatically reduced the size of the Microsoft Word (.docx) file exports.
Exported Microsoft Word (.docx) files are now letter sized by default, rather than A4 sized.
Fixed issue preventing pasting.
Fixed various UI issues.
Tweaked mobile UI & functionality.
Clicking toolbox headers now scrolls content to the top.
Clicking status bar now scrolls editor to the top.
Fixed inability to open toolbox with time machine mode active on mobile.
Toolbox no longer opens by default on launch on mobile devices.
Near complete rewrite of application.
Files are now loaded, saved, and managed from the in-app file manager (this conforms to sandbox requirements on all platforms)
File format (.quill) updated (old version no longer works, but easily portable).
Added new "Time-Machine" mode that allows scrolling through document edit history.
Added improved writing statistics.
Added "Equality" module proofreading module.
v0.1.1 - Fixed languages list to remove unsupported languages.
v0.1.0 - Initial release

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